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What is Siraat e Mustaqeem? Dars Surah Fateha Verse 6 – G. A. Parwez – edited by E Rasool – Dec 2021

In this video

This Urdu lecture by Allama Parwez is presented as an edited version of the original audio Dars. This lecture covers the following aspects:

1. What is Siraat e Mustaqeem i.e. Straight Path according to the Quran?
2. What are the characteristics of this path and how it can be followed?
3. What about smaller paths joining the main path?
4. How do we know if we are on this path or not?

The explanation includes many examples from our day to day life to illustrate some aspects of this important topic. Many verses are quoted and references are noted as sub titles for easy reference.
Human life has a higher purpose and in order to understand this purpose we need to come to the Quran and study its concept of Deen. The Quran points to the human limitations and then explains its own guidance with examples to draw our attention to the significance of our creation as humans.

For further study please read the following books by G. A. Parwez:

1. The Human Self and Allah
2. The Human Self and Iblees
3. What is Islam?
4. The Life in the Hereafter: What does the Quran say?
5. Lughat ul Quran.

For any question or query:
WhatsApp – 00 92 310 4800818

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