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101 Facts About Christianity

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Storm ise Champ
Storm ise Champ

Christianity is not Christianity without knowing the secrets about GOD, Jesus Christ, Angels of God and Demons.
I know the secrets about Ouija board, sleeping paralysis and other paranormal secrets.
Christianity is reach the supernatural mysteries that Jesus Christ know
I can watch poltergeist in my own house every day and I will feel relax
without fear. General knowledge doesn't have the occult.
Modern debates and Modern arguments can't affect the Supernatural Qualities of the Bible.
All debates and all arguments can't affect the Supernatural Qualities of the Bible.

Blue/Two Paint/Hands
Blue/Two Paint/Hands

Scapegoat? The Yu-Gi-Oh card? I understood that reference

Jacob Greer
Jacob Greer

Apostolic Pentecostal here and not ashamed (:

knight night
knight night

Not quite sure when and where you get your facts from, but number seven you stated most historians believe that Jesus existed in some way or form. That's absolutely incorrect! There are writings about a religion with his son of God name Jesus, there is no actual writings that said this man existed was it anyone actually saw him besides what's in the Bible


The Bible is based off of the emerald tablets of Thoth Wich are based off the summarian tablets in 1850 the British museum in association with the Catholic Church funded a project to go to Iraq and find proof of a biblical city instead they found the summarian city of ur. The Catholic Church helped fund a project that accidentally found evidence of the oldest advanced forms of language and religion. This is the origen of the ancient astronaut theory. Also Christianity is a control system put in place by Rome to support the political agenda at the time. They… Read more »


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