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15 Unsolved Mysteries That Cannot Be Explained!

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We all like to throw on a deerstalker, from time-to-time, and try to catch the greatest mysteries in the world. But sometimes not even the combined efforts of Bruce …

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how is it that america seems to be the most haunted place even though europe have alot of buildings far older then USA it self


That is nothing.
The wreck of a B-26 bomber from WW II was found on the moon. How did it get there ?
And in Nevshehir, Turkey, a baby was found inside a water melon.
Then there was the Arkansas man in whose chest hairs crop circles appeared.
Source> Weekly World News
[Good old times. When bull.. was at least creative]

Mike Lynge
Mike Lynge

Nefertiti´s grave must be populated now, have you seen satellite photos? Giza pyramids surrounded by thousands of houses, especially on the other side, my guess is Nefertiti and Co that riddles our brains is under sand, then a culture populated the area and then another culture and etc…

Mike Lynge
Mike Lynge

there was a globster stranded in Nuuk capital city of Greenland, I can´t remember the year, but remember it went on KNR tv

Marjeana Whitson
Marjeana Whitson

Is no one talking about how the men from the dancing plague are packin!?


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