Ebanie Gold

Artist / Singer / Song Writer / Producer / Musician / Management



The Artist

Ebanie, SlamStreet Records artist is a seasoned recording artist, producer and engineer who creates music profoundly infused with experiences which highlights his craft as a true musician. As a painter uses color to evoke feelings and emotionsin his paintings, Ebanie uses sounds and his enormous range to create songs that would carry you through intothoughtful journey. This American native / South American Born, has been performing since the age of nine, and time has been such a powerful force on his becoming a first-rate musician. His music anchor is grounded on his concepts of life, love, laws, relationships, social consciousness, race and peace. Presently, the majority of his creativity has been spent in his state-of-the-art YellowHouse studios partnered with his very good friend and major promotions pioneer Say Gilliard, a fully digital recording complex based in Richmond Virginia that boasts 3 separate rooms.

His Work

Ebanie has produced and mixed works for the likes of The Rolling Stones, trey songz, Wyclef Jean, Feleshia Blu, Drippa, Young & Company, Nardo Ranks, Floydie Ranks, David Starr, Ras Moses, Mylke Sedeck Jean with BRICKCity Unit (group) Mutha Planet (Group), Angie Stone, Laila Hathaway, Levi Little (of Black-Street), Michael Adrien, Filippo Trincanti.
He has toured with Rebbie Jack-son, Kool & The gang, Pieces Of A Dream, Hunter hayes, Young & Company, The Jets, safire, Surface, Force Md’s to name a few. He has worked for major and independent record labels such as Atlantic Records, warner bros, Electra, Virgin Records, Capital records, Universal Records, Island records. His works took him to Germany, Italy, France, England, as well as the United States. With personal releases like, “MAZe” “Pandoras Box” rock/Pop, Pandora’s Box, Quiet rage, Soul temple to the newly released single “Tonight” taken from his 5th album of his name “Ebanie”. His single is available for purchase worldwide via digital download and distributed by UnitedMasters/Universal Records – on SlamStreet Records 2021.


Ebanie, MAZe. Pandora’s Box. Quiet rage. Soul Temple.- produced, Arranged, Composed* and performed by Ebanie. Harlem shuffle – the Rolling Stones, Somebody To Love (Remix) Levi Little, Preacher’s Son – Wyclef Jean, Mutha Planet – Felippo Tirincanti, Such A feeling – Young & Company, Nothing To Say and Yellow – Fee Blu, Dogg Jigga – Fresh Porter f/ Pooh Sheisty, Gotta Be – trey Songz, Duck sauce – St. Vinci f/ Da baby, Bruup Remix – Nardo Ranks, Haters – Lil banton, Super Lover – Angie Stone.


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