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Bill Maher : the hypocrisy of evangelical christians.

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James Gossweiler
James Gossweiler

I think most of humanity rejoiced at Bin Laden's death. I actually do not know of and never heard of any evangelical Christians who "rejoiced" at his death. Scripture, evangelical Christianity, and orthodox Christianity all allow for righteous anger and killing of the enemies of the body of Christ. Bin Laden was not interested in mutually-concerned communications bound by hope with peaceful goals; rather, he sought to murder and terrorize innocent people, including children. Well over three thousand people died in one afternoon…many of which were not Christian and had no idea who Bin Laden was. People are still dying… Read more »


Two things about Christians from my experience: they cherry pick what they want to believe in the Bible; and their motto should be “do as I say, not as I do” — in other words they are a bunch of pious hypocrites.


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