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Black History: African Americans and the Vote

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Throughout the month of February we will share stories highlighting issues and introduce you to people making a difference. Part of our black history coverage …

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Truthful Rating

If black people want to do something powerful boycott Twitter. Twitter allows Snoop Dogg Tim say anything he wants about black women. He allows Snoop Dogg to cuss her out call her all out of her name. But when I called Snoop a punk ass they're going to say I'm in violation of their rules and regulations. F*** Twitter. In any other media outlet that says that I'm in violation.

Aaron Guyton
Aaron Guyton

No amendment allow all to vote also you have to enforce this act,when we should expose chattelism for its harvest then and today,I believe we are due a sanctuary city based on education and healing then …

Paul Leifeh Njuabeh
Paul Leifeh Njuabeh

The time has come when we will all return to our origin in Africa, build our own towns and cities by ourselves. Let white stay on their own.


The history shows that it would help black people experience less racism and more equality if there were fewer unnecessary voting restrictions. I also believe prisoners should be allowed to vote, especially this year. I found this article stating that "Felon disenfranchisement laws have their roots in post-Civil War efforts to ensure that black people would be unable to amass any meaningful political power. The state could pass a law removing voting rights from anyone convicted of a felony, then arrest and imprison as many black people as possible." I believe that implementing a better voting system is one of… Read more »


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