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Bonnie Legion | wav-Dr. | Al Black – Doorstep (Original Song)

#rock​ #drums​ #pop
Original Song: Doorstep
Producer/Musician/Mixing-Mastering: wav-Dr.
Drums: Al Black – Brothers Black Studio
Singer/Songwriter/Edits: Shavon Bonnie Legion
Sound Legion | All Ears Music Productions | Brothers Black Studio

Doorstep Lyrics

These are wondering days
I’m in the parking lot
of the city store cant walk through the door
cant face the plot
these are hungering days
I need food for the soul
cause the mind is tired,
these thoughts expired I need self-control
these are humblin days,
no room for the drama
I got a short fuse now cause the crowd is loud and I feel the karma
im’a walk through the maze,
I’ll ride just to see you
fall down at your doorstep
ready for to forget all the hell we been through

I’m so ready I fell down at your doorstep
I’m so ready to fly
I’m so ready to let go of the concept
the worlds got me ready to die
it’s so heavy I fell down at your doorstep
we die just to know we’re alive
I’m so ready to slide under your bicep
sink down heavy we ride

These are wondering days
things have changed a lot
everything feels brand new but it’s all askew its
both cold and hot

these are withering days
I need hope for the planet
we cut down all the trees all the rare species that
their trunks inhabit
and these are teetering days
we slide our convictions
can’t make up my mind its all a rewind with new restrictions
and I’ll walk through the maze
and I’ll ride just to meet you
fall down at your doorstep
gotta change of mindset gotta force a breakthrough

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