About me

Shavon Bonnie Legion

Singer-Songwriter Collaborative Music Artist, Visual Director and Editor

I am a chameleon fusion music artist who has worked with hundreds of producers and artists from all over the globe in various styles of music.  I have several dozen full album solo and collaborative projects and EP's released and create original visual art covers and videos.   I created Sound Legion collaborative music house in 2015 and also joined the Wav-Legion fusion music project in 2018 with Canadian Musician and Producer wav-Dr.

Music is a sincere and severe passion for me, I spill out my lifes journey in song.   I have over 2000 original songs and have been so blessed to work with people from all over this planet combining souls minds and spirits of all colors.  I am a relatable mood artist ever-shifting into various feelings and sounds.  I am an empath and it helps me along the way in meeting new people and joining new and unique scenes in art.