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Celebrating Black History | The Daily Show

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The Daily Show salutes legendary black leaders Nelson Mandela, Winnie Mandela, Martin Luther King Jr., Aretha Franklin and Franklin from “Peanuts.

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zourzi oussama
zourzi oussama

i'll give you white people 10 min ahead start LMFAO

franco lopresto
franco lopresto

More BS stories about black PsOS

Sbonelo Xaba
Sbonelo Xaba

Still waiting for Trevor to mention Steve Biko… the man who librated black students mentality. "Black is beautiful". And after he was brutality murded he became a legend across the world.

RIP Biko

Kaleah Collins
Kaleah Collins

Trevor your mom did not name you a name that didn't mean anything it means industrious ambitious and prudent. So your mom gave you a name for your future.


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