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Christianity vs. Catholicism

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Azho Rhetso
Azho Rhetso

I really appreciate you watching your videos,but this video i totally disagreed with you. We catholic dont follow man and we dont take pope as our saviour.We too believe and receive Jesus Christ as our saviour .Who said we are not allow to read bible?

Caroline Conway
Caroline Conway

I have watched your other you tube videos and respect you but don't agree with this please look at Robert Haddad's apologetics which rebuts your arguments.

Kunjok J
Kunjok J

I was so moved watching how u become a Jesus C follower,my beloved saviour,not once it's occurred to me that its about churches,its enough to bring us joy that u becomes a Christian..but when u 'attacked' other Church ,I'm sad..why don't u focused on getting all Muslims becomes a Christian..God bless u..

Ogwapit Princess Winnie
Ogwapit Princess Winnie

Brother, thanks for this massage to Catholics because they are being blinded by bread containing satanic spells which hardens their hearts not to believe in the truth, neither could they read the Bible the book of life.
To you believers reading, let us evangelize to them so as they can achieve eternity in Christ Jesus.


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