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Christians assaulted without justice in Toronto; preaching Kensington market

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The Judgy gamer
The Judgy gamer

I don’t mean to be rude, but where is the evidence? The evidence that God exists. And if you are going to reply with “WhAt CrEaTeD ThE BiG bAnG!” That is a theory, something that is not proven but is an idea many believe. But YOU who is replying as a Christian. YOU are saying God is real and heaven is real. People believe this and do not consider this to be theory what so ever. So before you reply, have some big brain time and think, why do you believe he’s real?


Maybe if you could actually provide evidence of God or make some precise predictions then people might listen to you


Why do you preachers like to preach to people going about their business and obviously do not want to hear a loudspeaker banging on about some dude from 2000 years ago ?

Can't you guys do this in your own privacy ? Isn't this dishonest method of making money by annoying people very immoral ?

Do you guys want Christian Sharia law ? Do you want all the death penalties on the Bible ?

Didn't Jesus condemn you preachers for your arrogant proselytising ?

Lynn Flannery
Lynn Flannery

They are making fun of you hun just like they did Jesus Christ 2000 years ago the end is almost here they regret what they do when they go in front of judgement but it will be too late for them God has sent you to preach the truth to them and they don't want to hear it that just like I said when they go in front of judgement it will be too late for them they will hit hell wide open


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