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Dan Mohler Normal Christianity Part 1 of 3

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Darren G.
Darren G.

Amen! Dan is probably the only "preacher" I have ever heard teach 1John 1 correctly. What he says at 24:00 is exactly what Holy Spirit showed me it meant. John is teaching that we overcome sin, and stop sinning. That's why he says in chapter 3 those born of God do not sin. A new identity means a changed way of living through the power of Holy Spirit. Resurrection life

Linda T
Linda T

This message has changed the trajectory of my life! Churches are NOT teaching this truth! Start your own bible study guys! Just like they did in the book of Acts. People are hungry for the truth and this is amazing!


Please pray for me. I have been ill for months and don't know why. God is able.

Lozza B
Lozza B

As a newly born again Christian praise be to God i found Dans teachings they have helped me so much, God bless you Dan


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