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Debate over 1921 Race Riot Commission Curriculum brings important historical topic to forefront

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Debate over 1921 Race Riot Curriculum.

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Soso Lydia
Soso Lydia

You Said Massacre Wrong

Ron Moore
Ron Moore

Stop calling it a massacre. If the rioters had wanted to intentionally murder innocent people, they could have herded about 6000 of them into the churches, barracaded the doors, and killed them like the Nazis did. Some innocent people were killed, some may have been murdered. Both sides were armed, and both sides took casualties and deaths. The ordinary man wanted to erase Greenwood, and a crime-based economy that was booming because it was fueled by bootlegging, prostitution, narcotics trafficking, racketeering, burglary rings, and gambling, with law enforcement being bribed and turning a blind eye. People took the law into… Read more »


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