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Great Black Women in Black History

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Vanessa Nixon
Vanessa Nixon

It's a shame this was never taught in public school. As a white woman i am ashamed of my ancestors. My daughter is just learning to walk now but I'll make damn sure she is taught about each and every one of these beautiful, powerful and incredible african-american women. I watch these videos and read as much as I can so I can accurately teach my beautiful little girl the truth and the power behind these men and women. I'll teach her to look up to women like Ida Wells before she even considers looking up to modern "powerful women"… Read more »

Oradixie Galloway
Oradixie Galloway

I love this music, so sad, you got these light skinned people walking around bragging about their color, it came through slavery, i cant understand why people are so happy about sally hemming mix kids and being with a man that raped her.

Roy Watley
Roy Watley

Ida B. Wells should never be forgotten.

Brandon Rilling
Brandon Rilling

who tf disliked?


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