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HBO's 'Watchmen' series is set in Tulsa. Here's why that's symbolic.

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HBO’s new “Watchmen” series is set in the same alternate-history universe as the celebrated comics. But instead of New York, the show is set in the city of Tulsa.

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Shawn Carlos
Shawn Carlos

It’s pronounced (Ok-La-homa). Not Okahoma.


Sounds like some kind of murderous dictatorship in some foreign country, right? Nope. Right here in the land of the free

wild Flowers
wild Flowers

So as usual this is totally about digging up and stirring up hate, between the races…no matter how old , lost, and hard the dig is..so ' fabrication' will be the "tell all".( Forty years later this great Country had ' Civil Rights Laws',and in the late 80's other Anti- Discrimination laws on Sexism and Violence in the workplace.Etc., Etc.)( Reparations??? for decades free College, Food, No % Loans to start businesses and purchase houses, subsidized rents and utilities!! (&) now free phones and phone service!!)( More reparations..so that can often be handed out with no accountability too…as in Baltimore,… Read more »

Conner Broeker
Conner Broeker

So I lived in Oklahoma City until I was 13 where I moved to Tulsa and that's when I learned about the Race Riots. It was 13 years until I learned about my state's history


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