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How to Fit Christianity with Science (feat. Aron Ra)

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Lorenza Semaj McCoy Jr.
Lorenza Semaj McCoy Jr.

Yes of course god made some humans without souls just talk to gingers they all know what it's like to be fine, ugh I mean soulless!

Jeff C
Jeff C

I love the blue to red analogy.

Rair Guzman
Rair Guzman

Oh my, is still really necessary to debunk literal interpretations of Genesis? The Bible is not scientific, we are beating a dead horse, are you doing this for the views Genetically Modified Skeptic?

Louis Schenker
Louis Schenker



– I encourage you to watch this video and listen carefully to what is being said, and if you're an honest seeker of truth, you will look deeper into the claims of this video. What if both creationists and scientists alike are viewing Genesis from a biased view that the authors Genesis never intended (cultural context and language context of the time play a vital role). Hope you enjoy it :).

Annie Scornavacca
Annie Scornavacca

Hey, can someone help me? I didn't grow up around much religious talk or ritual, almost none actually. So as far back as I can remember, I was always pretty much an atheist, or at the very least, during times of true hardship, when the very loose idea of a loving creator who is always watching to make sure I'm okay was the most seductive to me, I was still never more than skeptically agnostic desperate for a miracle. So now that I've grown into a full-blown anti-theist, I'm reading the Bible for the very first time–hence thinking it would… Read more »


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