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Human Eminence and the Quran (Zikr) by Ejaz Rasool, 2 Jan 2022, Tolu e Islam

This presentation covers a number of points explaining the meaning and the context in which this term has been referred in the Quran. References are provided on the title page for further study.
Zikr basically means to preserve, to remind, to elevate human eminence, to understand and obey the laws of Allah, to remain firm footed in life and in battle… the root word is also explained from the Lughat ul Quran.

Salient points are covered which include the following:
1. Process of self’s development is outlined by quoting verses from Chapter 94.
2. The Quran itself is called Zikr of man and its Arabic text is fully preserved by Allah Himself.
3. If Allah’s guidance is ignored then there are serious consequences for the human world i.e. will lead to problems.
4. Momineen take the book of Allah as a complete guidance and use this Zikr for their benefit and the benefit of mankind.
5. Acquiring higher consciousness through Zikr of Allah i.e. the Quran
6. Setting priorities right through the process of Zikr
7. Zikr means to keep all that is in the Quran before us all the time – through education, training and self’s development

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