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Righteous Deeds ‘Elevate’ Human Stature – Verse (35:10) – G A Parwez, May 1980 – Tolu e Islam

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This Dars by Allama Parwez has been edited by Ejaz Rasool in Dec 2021. The verse (35:10) states:
If any do seek power – to Allah belong power. To Him rise Words of Purity: it is he Who exalts each Saleh Deed . Those that lay plots of evil (create imbalances in the world) – for them is a penalty severe; and the plotting of such will be void. (35:10)

This verse lays down the foundation of a very important Permanent Value – this aspect is explained with examples in this audio lecture. The Quran has detailed the recipe of Eimaan and Saleh deeds which can lead to establishment of the system of Deen in the world (24:55), in a number of verses and has invited us to reflect on this again and again. It may appear a simple recipe to some thinking how this is possible… which may not help us to achieve what is noted in the Quran repeatedly – but it is a fact. If we decide to acquire Eimaan and then keep doing Saleh deeds as defined by the Quran, we gradually acquire that self which becomes enabled for this task of Deen.
The Quran should be studied from this aspect if anyone wishes to be part of that Jamaat of Momineen who rise to carry out this task. Tolu e Islam is that platform which helps to come together on the pure Quran and where only Quranic Deen is discussed in detail . If you wish to be part of this challenge then please contact through:

WhatsApp – 00 92 310 4800818

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