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Human Self and the Quran – with the hereafter

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This presentation briefly covers three aspects i.e. what defines a human being, what is in the Quran and what is the hereafter. According to the Quran the purpose of the human creation is to hold everyone accountable for what they do – because we have free will. It then explains the working of the Law of Requital. It points to the deeds which help develop self and the deeds which hinder its growth – our balance of good deeds should be more than our wrong deeds. The Quran explains the concept of Allah as an objective standard to serve as a model for the human self to develop itself. The permanent values illustrated in the Quran help provide guidance to the human self – as we do not have an inner guidance and need an external guidance as an option. By using our intellect and reasoning we can understand the Quran – the Quran repeatedly emphasizes the importance of using intellect and reasoning. In the absence of this guidance we will follow our desires and these lead to conflicts with our fellow mortals. There is a book titled ‘The life in the hereafter: what does the Quran say’ by G. A. Parwez which provides further details. The book is available in the pdf format at Parwez.tv for free download. For more information also visit the web site Islamicdawn.com.

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