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Importance of Becoming Hakeem: A Divine Attribute by Ejaz Rasool, 9 Jan 2022 – Tolu e Islam

This presentation is part of exploring various Divine attributes as referred in the Quran. Hakeem as a word has appeared in a number of verses independently as well as in relation to other Divine attributes. We need to look at the context of the verse and then see the importance of becoming Hakeem in order to understand the issue being discussed by the Quran. When our self starts to manifest this attribute then it achieves a higher level of rational thinking which helps to understand the world around us. It also helps to look at our own mode of thinking and our ability to come to grips with our psyche. Becoming Hakeem of the Quran leads to making better choices and decision making in life and makes our self ready for the establishment of the system of Deen. It starts to become eligible for the help of Allah – it seeks to join those who are already on this path called Siraat e Mustaqeem.

Following are covered in this presentation:
1. Root of Hakeem and Hikmat
2. Requirements of good decision making
3. Reality of human existence
4. The status of the Quran as Hakeem
5. Verses on Aziz and Hakeem
6. Verses on Aleem and Hakeem
7. Hikmat and Hakumat
8. Manifestation of Hakeem in our day to day living
9. Conclusions

The universe and the world around us is created for a rational being called man and it is created by Allah Who has declared Himself to be Hakeem. Hence, in order to make sense of our existence, we need to become extremely rational so that we can understand the reality of our own creation as a being with choice and intent, and existence – if we do not do this then we will continue to live in a world created by human intellect (full of chaos and conflicts) which follows human desires without the benefit of the light of the Quran. This presentation takes us through some of these steps to make sense of the world in which we live and are ultimately going to die leaving this world behind and move on to the next life. Becoming Hakeem is an option – however, we cannot get those benefits which are associated with its understanding and manifestation of being Hakeem unless we come to grips with it and then decide to become one.

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