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Islam, Christianity and Prophecy — Part 1

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Scott Cannon
Scott Cannon

Europeans and Americans Refuse to Breed and have children so you are Extinct and Must be Replaced Invaded and Conquered by Islam and Sharia law your choice your fault

Scott Cannon
Scott Cannon

Watch Armageddon News The Caliphate and the Next Holocaust excellent YouTube videos enjoy friends

Scott Cannon
Scott Cannon

Islams obligation to Allah Satan is to invade and conquer the entire world Killing Beheading Crucifing and Burning Alive all Christian's and Jews until Only islam exists period

Scott Cannon
Scott Cannon

Islam is being broken up to spread throughout the entire world carrying black flags with one word punishment to punish the nation's for unbelief in God and Jesus Christ an to Raise an Army of Darkness of Two Hundred Million from all Nation's to make War with the Son of God Jesus Christ End of Day's Anti-christ Religion of Death Rape and Slavery


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