JACOB'S LADDER Official Trailer (2019) Jesse Williams, Horror Movie HD

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Richard Strickland
Richard Strickland (@guest_490)
1 year ago

This is definitely not Jacobs Ladder

Char (@guest_489)
1 year ago

Hope this gets more people to watch the original

Mike's Picks
Mike's Picks (@guest_488)
1 year ago

Welcome to the New Age of Stupidity, where Hollywood has run out of new and ORIGINAL ideas and instead lives off the avails of DC and Marvel comicbook feature films and remakes of such quality that many of them go direct-to-DvD status due to lack of interest and poor quality.

Jason Guinn
Jason Guinn (@guest_487)
1 year ago

This looks terrible! And what is this thing about making horror films with all black casts? Man, Hollywood has gone completely woke at this point. F#ck this movie. Looks like shit.

Brandon Sergent
Brandon Sergent (@guest_486)
1 year ago

The problem with the remakes is they aren't remakes. If you wanna make a new movie, make a new one, if you wanna remake an old one, RE MAKE an old one. Like The Omen remake. Shot for shot almost and therefore imo perfect. Same old genius, with new production values. Omen, 2.0, not Omen 2. (Need to remake that one also.) Think of it like putting on a play. You don't HAVE to completely rewrite the plot, or any of it. Just put on a smashing good play. It's not complicated, it's corrupt. The exponential need for more profits… Read more »


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