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PART TWO: Naomi Campbell’s Post for Black History Month

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Real fam, what do you think about what she posted to Instagram?

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Torian Wilson
Torian Wilson

This is ridiculous. Where do black folks come from? Africa. All of a sudden we need to separate the blacks of the world and celebrate us at different times made specifically for us? Such small minded thinking- when nonblacks look at us we’re all black. These divisions are unnecessary- stop treating black people from African countries like second class citizens.

I am Meci
I am Meci

I feel like a lot of y’all are missing the point in these comments. Black history month was created for black Americans!! Like the 4th of July is an American holiday!

Shadow Play in the Woods
Shadow Play in the Woods

Naomi Campbell's post talked about including ALL poc. No! Black History month whether it is in Oct or Feb is for Black people!! Naomi tried to all lives matter BHM in the month of Feb. Hispanics,Asians,Native Americans and even Asian pacifics have their own months!!

Celine ْ
Celine ْ

”someone like her” the disrespect.


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