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Q and A Session – Permanent Values 1: An Introduction by Ejaz Rasool, 25 April 21 – Tolu e Islam

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This clip covers the Questions and Answers after the presentation on the topic of the Permanent Values. Few questions were raised and then discussed in some detail. Members also commented on the presentation as well as expressed their understanding with a view to share it with others.
The link to the main talk is noted at the end.
Some members felt that Tolu e Islam should do some organised charitable work to help Yateem and Miskeen e.g. in Pakistan. While this appears to be a good proposal and the speaker explained it in the light of the aim of the Idara Tolu e Islam. Tolu e Islam works for the dissemination of the Quranic teachings across the world – it is the only platform in the world which projects the teachings of the pure Quran as a guidance for mankind (e.g. 2:214). The aim is to draw the attention of mankind to its guidance so that a system of Deen could be established as a model which can help with the eradication of all wrongs which human beings suffer due to the ills of the man-made system. This should make human beings free from the bondage of other human beings and mankind comes under the direct guidance of the Quranic value system. Creating a charity will be against this aim as efforts will become directed towards organising the affairs of this charity and people will think that this is the aim of the Quran – there are millions of charities across the world, but poverty is still increasing in the world – why? Individual help and the help extended by few to few poor human beings here and there will never succeed – hence need for a system based on the Quranic Values.
There was also question regarding educating younger generation. It was explained that this platform is created to invite everyone to participate and get benefit from these talks and then discuss. The human self has no age – it is ageless and all need to create a need and an urge to learn the Quran. If people do not find enough motivation to join in these talks then they need to think hard as it is an internal motivation which can persuade us to do something. The speaker emphasised that by attending even for a short duration, the human self benefits from this participation as it makes an effort (45:22) – without effort the human self does not develop to the same extent.
It was also discussed that these talks should be shared as widely as possible as this also helps to strengthen our own conviction in the guidance of Allah. We may think nothing is happening, but in fact people are looking for the alternative to the chaos and mess presently existing in the world. In any case the only self which we can convince in this life is our own self – each self is a complete unit. The Quran has clearly declared in (2:256) that there can be no compulsion on any one and it is outside the reach of all of us that we can change anyone – human beings only change when they feel a need to change. Hence we need not create any stress due to this that why people do not listen to the Quran and then change. It is not our responsibility – human beings are given choice and intent and it is left to them to make their choices and then live with the consequences of these choices.
Following is the link to the main talk.


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