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SECRET BLACK HISTORY/Moors/Fomorians/Lemurians

In this video

There is so much more than we know. NOBODY HAS A CLUE WHAT HAPPENED. WE ARE ALL BROTHERS AND SISTERS! Please do not take this video in a …

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Ron EverGrow
Ron EverGrow

Acts 13 and 1 when the Jews from Jerusalem went to Antioch they were called Niger(black)……
In the New Testament when Paul was gaffled up by the Greeks they called him an African and he said no I am a Jew from Tarsus(!!!HE SAID NO IM NOT!!!!)……..
Aren't black people mistaken today for African they even call them African-American and the proper terminology would be Afro-American after the term afro-asiatic…..

Stephen Edward Waterstram
Stephen Edward Waterstram

Saturn is Chronos

Loïc Kuissu Mbe
Loïc Kuissu Mbe

"No one tells the truth by mixing truth with lies"


In ancient astrology lion was a snake. Europeans splited in two .The Danesti (yellow lion) ,and the Draculea .Dracul =Dragon lea=lion (red dragon or lion)

The Consciousness Coach EdenRose Coaching
The Consciousness Coach EdenRose Coaching

As a Moorish woman of the modern age I so appreciate your effort to find truth in history. Wow. I would challenge you to look further into this sort of subject and those alike and to look into defining your understanding further using etymology. The etymon is to language what an atom is the matter. You can find the denotative meanings of many of the words and concepts you speak of and I promise your understanding will be transformed even further!

We are all one! Thank you so much for your contribution. Love and Light to you!


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