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Surah Ar-Ra’d (Chapter 13) – Verses 1 to 9 by Ejaz Rasool, 10 April 2022 – Tolu e Islam

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This presentation goes in some details of these verses. Following are the main points:
1. Since most human beings do not make an effort to gain knowledge of Wahi, hence cannot benefit from the Quran.
2. There are plenty of signs in the outer universe i.e. physical domain of the world which need our attention. If we ignore these signs then we are living at an animalistic level.
3. The difference between the domain of Amr and Khalq is made clear. In the domain of Amr decisions are made by Allah about the creation from nothing. In the domain of Khalq or creation in which we live in the visible universe – there are laws under which we live our life. In this domain man also makes things from the material already existing in the world.
4. The Quran has drawn our attention towards the Divine attribute of Rabb – everything in the universe has a purpose. All living things reach their destination from their start e.g. a tree starts from a seed and then bears fruit. Same goes for man, he also has a purpose which does not end with his physical death. He has a self which goes beyond his death. Rabubiyat is the system of sustenance which operates in the outer world and Allah invites us to establish this system in our world so that it can help us to develop our self – the details are given in the Quran. This system will eliminate fear and grief from our life.
5. The law of Requital functions in human domain and every deed leaves its consequence on our self as well as affects our physical world.
6. The Quran has been revealed to make us free from those chains which we tie around our mind by wrong belief systems.
7. Everything in the world has defined scales and these scales can be figured out by us.

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