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TerryTopCat Purrsents Cameron McVey Part Two.

We return with Part two of TerryTopCat Purrsents Cameron McVey the legendary producer who helped launch the careers of iconic stars like Tricky, supergroups like All Saints, Portishead and Massive Attack. Husband to 90’s Icon Neneh Cherry and father to Pop Stars Mabel, Tyson and Marlon Mcvey. Listen to some of his music and the conversation of a life time. Cameron keeps it real for Clusterview and that’s why we love him so much. Music Guru TerryTopCat does it again! 💥💥
Pictures included in this video by Mark-Anthony Abel, TerryTopCat and Cameron McVey.
Music: Dennis – Virgin Souls, Millions – Virgin Souls, Snakes and Ladders – Virgin Souls. We do not own the copyright for the music used in this video.

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