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Testimonies: Why Abdu Murray & Nabeel Quresh Have Become Christians

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Dominic S
Dominic S
hazrat usman
hazrat usman

Honestly speaking, these two very unfortunate people who abandon the very logical and genuine religion, and they wrongly claiming that they criticaly study islam and christianity and came to the conclusion that christianity is rght for them. Islam is not a new religion but religion of all prophets from Allah including jesus.
I will invite all the peoples in comment box to study islam with every angle, you will certainly find the right path.

Christopher Debattista
Christopher Debattista

That's Lee Strobel right there too! God bless all these blokes!

Chrissie PM
Chrissie PM

Ths for amazing testimony, please translate in bahasa indonesia n will bless Indonesia. Jbu


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