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The Black History of Birth in America

In this video

The Black History of Birth in America, The video you are about to watch tells a story, the in-person presentation changes lives. The honesty and purity of the …

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This touched my heart so deep, tears flowed down my face! Dr. Doula voice rings loud in my ears. Her spirit is so strong to me! I appreciate her and her voice! Yah Bless her, her mind, her life and her hands!


Tears flowed as knowledge poured from this QUEEN! I am encouraged to complete my studies as a doula, and am applying to nursing school so that I can become a midwife. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!!


I'm a nursing student(LPN) and future nurse midwife. I will be beginning my doula certification next year. This video touched my heart so deeply. I have so much respect for the African American doula/midwife community. You are a community of incredible women with roots deeper than the Earth. As a Filipino American woman, I know what it is like to belong to a people whose history has been erased. I've known for a long time that my life purpose was to reconnect with my ancestral roots and to serve and empower ALL women.

Sabrina Bordonaro
Sabrina Bordonaro

I was trying to find evidence based information on validating the benefits of unmedicated birth and stumbled upon this. I just want to say that I have seen the prejudice against black/African American women and anyone who identifies as such. On behalf of every medical professional and every other prejudice american that has ever caused you grief – I am sorry. That's all. I am so sorry.


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