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The INCREDIBLE Story Everybody Needs To Know This Black History Month

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The Incredible Story Of A Slave Who Sailed His Way To Freedom & You’ve Probably Never Heard About Him. #BlackHistoryMonth #60MinutesIn6mins.

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Kitt Songstad
Kitt Songstad

Whites should be so grateful to poc for holding space for their histories. My God, I can't think of anything that cheers my heart more than thought that our children be taught the historical truth rather than to be indoctrinated like communist countries do.

farmall tractor
farmall tractor

Love your black neighbor? Watch this video: Maafa 21 – Black Genocide in 21st Century America

Paul Blackman
Paul Blackman

I lived in Beaufort S.C. for two years. One of the main roads that winds through town is named after him and everyone from there loves the snot out of him.

Terry Bruce
Terry Bruce

Its like having a generation of people who could not take care of themselves 200 years ago, and white people are still stuck with supporting them 7 generations later.


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