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The life in the hereafter as per the Quran

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The life in the hereafter: what does the Quran say. This presentation is based on the book by G. A. Parwez which is available at Amazon. Free at Islamicdawn.com. We as human beings are going to die at some point in the future. We do think about it and wish to find some explanation to this massive event of our life. The Quran addresses this issue in detail. This presentation briefly looks at some of the related issues as discussed in the book. For example human beings have two parts – physical body and a self. The self consists of our inner thinking process which includes our sense of identity, our sense of being, our memory, our emotions, our ability of meta cognition, our linguistic ability, our senses, etc. We make decisions which affect our life and the life of others. The law of requital works in human life which ensures that all our deeds are accountable. After seeing this talk you should be able to relate it to your self.

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