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The Tulsa Massacre and the Destruction of Black Wall Street | The Case for Reparations and H.R. 40

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ReparationsNow #HR40 Their Blood Cries Out: The Tulsa Massacre and H.R. 40 kicks off a series of national forums focused on the massacre and the urgency …

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Unapologetically BLACK
Unapologetically BLACK

Reparations for #ADOS we not allow others to profit from our Suffering again

Buddy Cooper
Buddy Cooper

Hating folks you don't even know is the biggest waste of time and energy.

Buddy Cooper
Buddy Cooper

I love my aunt Maxine she a true hero.

Allison Smith
Allison Smith

Hebrew George Floyd’s soul is crying out to God with others of Revelation 6:10-11 for revenge upon those wicked who killed him while he is among other African Americans (aka Hebrews) who have been killed by those who hate Hebrews (among the Aboriginals of the earth). God is coming to bring justice to the African Americans as well as other aboriginals (Puerto Ricans, Mexicans, and Native Americans) who have continued to be killed and oppressed by their haters. God is returning. Gentiles have also burned down Black Wall Street, a rarely talked about fact. Please enable JavaScript play-rounded-fill And those… Read more »


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