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Tulsa Hills peaceful protest

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Tulsa Hills peaceful protest.

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retire the liar pelosi
retire the liar pelosi

what is the point. seriously Tulsa and everywhere else was not envolved with what happened in Minneapolis. tulsa pd didnt kill the guy, citizens didnt kill the guy, buisnesses didnt kill the guy , stop screwing with people acting like idiots screaming and crap over something pointless. we get it some black guy was killed by a white cop. not my fault or anyone elses and to be honest doesnt affect any of you here , this victim called being played is getting old how many white men are killed daily , better yet how many black men are killed… Read more »

ROY cracker
ROY cracker

The media is aiding and abetting these riots The media is not our friends.

Taipan 1 2 3
Taipan 1 2 3

Hurting people that are "our supporters", you mean the ones who have done not a damn thing for 401 years…


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