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What is Meant by Dua (Supplication)? (Urdu Version) – Ejaz Rasool, 19 Dec 2021 – Tolu e Islam

This presentation is in Urdu and covers important aspects of Dua as noted in the Quran in various verses. The importance of various aspects is highlighted by giving examples from our daily life. It is a bit long presentation and can be watched in parts – for emphasis some points may be repeated to illustrate their importance. This presentation was also presented in English – link is noted at the end.

Human beings only do things well when they are convinced and motivated about some task. Dua is related to our desire to be guided in life and the verse (2:186) provides the outline of this important aspect. This verse is explained in fair amount of detail in this talk. The Quran has dealt with this aspect in detail leaving no ambiguity whatsoever…

Many other related topics are also explained with references from the Quran. Please fee free to give any feed back on any points raised in this presentation.

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