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Why there is no way back for religion in the West | David Voas | TEDxUniversityofEssex

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Imagine a religion other than your own.

JD Raeb
JD Raeb

There are many points to be made here but I believe the biggest factor is people realizing and accepting the hard and brutal truth that Christianity,Islam etc. are the costumes used to disguise the monsters people know they truly are.They fall short of far more than the Glory.They fall short of reality.


Good. We should replace the old religions with something that embraces empiricism and reason over fiction. Something that makes us embrace doubt, uncertainty and skepticism. But we can still keep the traditions and holidays. They're not really the problem, it's the beliefs that are the problem.

Lenni S
Lenni S

Religion may be on the way out, and there may be no way back for it in general terms, but I disagree with this guy's conclusions on why that is. Especially of those three lines at around 13:23 the first and the third are wrong. "You have to be raised with religion to find it natural" – No you don't, you just need an inquisitive mind, an open mind even, a yearning for deeper truths, a search for meaning, a need to understand life, reality and consciousness. I was not raised with any religion, I come from a very secular… Read more »


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