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10 Dumb Things Smart Christians Believe

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big dragon boi Boi
big dragon boi Boi

1. God is real
2.God is real
3. God is real
4. God is real
5. God is real
6. God is real
7. God is real
8. God is real
9. God is real
10. God is real

outdoor bushwhacking
outdoor bushwhacking

This guy's clearly never been to church this guy's clearly never read the Bible this guy clearly does not want hope for people

Kim Clack
Kim Clack

Look at all the butt hurt Christians. I’m glad that Christianity exists because it keeps the dullards entertained. Instead of pestering our leaders with questions on how to live or bothering doctors with questions on the fragility of life or instead of jumping off buildings and making a mess, Christians just bury their noses in a book and pray to sky daddy.


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