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Boycott Zomato trends: Does food really have religion?

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Mala Sinha
Mala Sinha

It is unfortunate.Salute to zomato's decision not to bow down before fanatism.

Praveen Rathour
Praveen Rathour

than what is jhtaka and halal

Mahesh Choudhary
Mahesh Choudhary

As per Zometo, food has no religion but Zometo will serve Hallal food !! Why ?? Hallal is not islamic ??


What is Hallal Food??

1) The slaughterer has to be a Muslim
2) The slaughterer and the neck of the slaughtered animal has to face Kaaba (Mecca)
3) An invocation to Allah is made before the cut

Hence, Halal is Islamic “Religious offering” – why force it on Hindus ?
(& The wire should force it's bigotry views on hindus.)

Why this kolaveri di
Why this kolaveri di

I deleted swiggy app to install Zomato you got a new customer

Dharma View
Dharma View

.Now please explain why Zomato agrees to ' look into ' the matter of non halal food delivered to a Muslim? ….All the lecturing in the world is for Hindus alone .


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