What Japanese Think of Religions (Interview)

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Mayank Kumar
Mayank Kumar (@guest_1838)
1 year ago

Many japanese people dont belive in religion and hopes thats why their country is more developed than others

feylights (@guest_1837)
1 year ago

I also know there are some famous temples in Tokyo (not to mention Kyoto and Nara) that see a lot of visitors. Maybe ask around there. Even if people declare themselves non-religious, it would be interesting to hear their reasons for visiting a temple or shrine.

David Perez
David Perez (@guest_1836)
1 year ago

Buddha is a demon..

Steven V
Steven V (@guest_1835)
1 year ago

I had similar conversations in China. "Are you Buddhist?" "No." "Do you go to Buddhist temples?" "Yes." "And you bow to the statues of gods there?" "Yes." "But you aren't Buddhist?" Then they would look at me confused.

Now I teach English in Taiwan and had to explain Christian references in Dracula to a group of teenagers. Things like crucifix, sacred wafer and holy water.


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