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Christianity 101 | National Geographic

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Praveen Godara
Praveen Godara

The whole religion is based on a man's vision. Say no more!

Edge Abdullah
Edge Abdullah

Cristians follow Paul not Jesus.

VValo achi
VValo achi

It is not befitting for GOD to have a son.

for human having a son is a great thing
bcoz when the father die,the son will inherit
and carry the name of his father.

But for GOD this is not appropriate.
Bcoz GOD doesn't die.
And HE never share HIS power.

So having a son is really humiliating for GOD.

VValo achi
VValo achi

Jesus (pbuh) never claimed that he is God.or he never told others to worship him. in the Bible i saw Jesus preaching – 1. He said GOD is greater than him. 2. He said, I fulfill not my will, but the will of my father. 3. He said about The last hour that no one knows the timing except The Father not even Jesus. 4. He said, there is one good and that is GOD. 5. He prayed to GOD touching his head on the ground. We Muslims also Believe Jesus(PBUH) is the only way to God.Infact believing in Jesus(PBUH)… Read more »

H Lalrohlua
H Lalrohlua

Jesus Christ is my saviour.


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