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Critical Thinking – Core Critical Skills Part 2 – 20 Dec 2020, E Rasool

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This talk is based on the paper titled Critical Thinking: What it is and Why it is by Peter Facione (2015). The relevant reference is provided on the first slide. There are six skills i.e. Interpretation, Analysis, Inference, Inference, Evaluation, Explanation, Self-regulation. If learned and understood and then applied, these skills can help to solve many issues of human life. These can help to develop reasoned, methodical and logical approach to solving human issues by taking into account all aspects of any issue and problem. In this presentation the barriers to thinking are also outlined from the book titled Critical Thinking Skills by Stella Cottrell.
The Quran emphasises repeatedly on reflection and the use of intellect and reasoning. This aspect is mentioned briefly to draw attention to this aspect of human thought with a view to understand the Quranic guidance. This is a second presentation in this series.
The presentation is followed by various questions which were asked by the attendees and these helped to elaborate some of the issues raised in relation to these skills. An acronym ‘I’ EASE ‘I’ can help to remember these skills.

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