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Science and the end of times (Qayamat) as per the Quran – Talk by Mumtaz Khan 21 Feb 2021

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This presentation talks about two aspects: firstly, how the Solar System may come to an end according to the understanding of the modern science. The Quran has also referred to this event in some verses which can be taken as metaphors and can also be referring to a physical event in the distant future. We live in a physical universe which is finite. As we are also physical and our death points to our finitude, the same way this solar system is also finite and has to come to an end.
Secondly, the talk throws light on the universe beyond our Solar System and what are the predictions of the science so far. The Quran has also pointed to these events in the universe which are part of a very distant future. Again these verses can also be interpreted metaphorically to relate to the events taking place in the human world e.g. rise and fall of powerful nations.
The Quran is not a book of science – it is a book of guidance for us to organise our worldly life based on a system called Deen by the Quran. However, it does point to the functioning of the outer universe and has some signs mentioned which help us to understand Allah’s creation and its purpose to draw our attention e.g. (3:190, 41:53). There are many verses quoted by the speaker in his presentation which can help to understand various aspects of this topic.

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