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The Purpose of Human Creation PART 2 – Question and Answer Session – 14 March 21

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This video covers the Question and Answer Session of the presentation delivered on 14th March 2021 by Dr Ejaz Rasool in the Tolu e Islam Forum. Following are some of the questions which were asked during this session:

1. How the system of Deen will take shape in the world?
2. Can we get the same benefits from the Quran as the Muslims achieved during the era of Rasul-ullah (PBUH)?
3. What will be the state of the life in the hereafter after our death? Will we be doing nothing or will get more work to do in the hereafter?

Many more points were discussed as a frank exchange of views between the participants. Please watch the main talk at the following link:


Any questions – please visit Islamicdawn.com

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