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Women Equal Partners of Men (including Q and A Session) – by Ubedur Rehman Arain – 21 March 2021

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This is the full version of the recording of the presentation on the topic. many aspects have been covered in this talk and then further clarified through Question and Answer session. Following aspects have been covered:
1. Equality as a creation – both men and women appeared on the world stage together in different parts of the world.
2. Both men and women have a self and both can develop it as noted in the Quran.
3. There is no gender in the hereafter as there is no pro-creation over there. Men and women will enter the hereafter at the level of their self. This point comes out in the Q and A session in reply to a question.
4. In marriage only one man and one woman is allowed – this point is explained in detail. Further discussion takes place in the Q and A session.
5. Women and men are essential part of the system of Deen.
6. Both are equal in rewards and punishments i.e. the Law of Requital is equally applicable to both.
7. No violence is allowed by anyone i.e. whether physical or cognitive or both.
8. Divorce process is laid down clearly.
9. Inheritance process – each one must make a will of one’s possessions and has full jurisdiction on its distribution as he or she knows who needs more than the other. All explained in detail.

Few more issues are also discussed. Please direct your queries and questions to:

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