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Dawkins on religion: Is religion good or evil? | Head to Head

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هزار مرد
هزار مرد

Some people find it weird that Mehdi Hasan believes that Prophet Mohamed PBUH flew to heaven but find it very logical that they are descendants of MONKIES

Sayed Abdullah
Sayed Abdullah

Dawkins you are absolutely an idiot and nonsense. It's not religion but Humans are evil and criminals. 911 was well planned by Bush the criminal.
Atheists have been biggest criminals and cold blooded murderer too

abdoulaye diallo
abdoulaye diallo

A healthy debate like this is important it's deplorable to see this comment section attacking the Muslim debater. At the end of the day it's just a debate why get so angry at someone for participating and Sharing his views. One this is certain we will all find out what the truth is when we die. Wether you believe in God or not one thing is certain you will die one day and you cannot escape this fate. I wish everyone in this comment section clarity of mind and suggest you open up the Quran and read it for yourself… Read more »

Antoine Harvey
Antoine Harvey

As much as i hate religion medhi made some great points and showed that dawkins lacked very important nuances

Paul Neelamkavil
Paul Neelamkavil

Richard Dawkins,
You are a living legend.
You are truly a Guru which means one that leads to light from darkness. You have done that for millions and millions. . Your intellectual honesty is astounding.
We homeo sapiens are indeed fortunate.


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