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Family Refuses to Pay Taxes Because of Religion (ft. Stacey Diaz)

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I really think a JK church could be the first step towards Joemalia

Paul Kim
Paul Kim

Not against the idea of taxes, but it's clear we Americans are not getting back our $3,000,000,000,000 payed in taxes each year. The state of public services, education, infrastructure, science & technology funding, etc. is no where near the level it should be. I wouldn't be surprised if 75% of our annual tax revenue was being floundered either through ignorance or straight malicious intent.

Institute a term limit on all politicians, simplify the tax codes (ex: a flat tax with minimal exemptions), and audit the fucking government. Corporations and individuals get audited all the time, but who audits the government???

Ashley Hill
Ashley Hill

This whole video I was thinking this sounds an awful lot like the family near me to find out it IS the family near me

Fernando Garibaldi
Fernando Garibaldi

This myth that the rich don’t pay taxes is exactly that, a myth. The rich pay a majority of tax revenue. 70% of income tax revenue is from the top 1%. The idea that the rich don’t pay taxes comes from the fact corporations may not pay taxes but that’s because many corporations get around this by donating to charity and not being profitable. Which makes sense. If you didn’t make any income why would you pay taxes?


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