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Former Christians Share Why They Left Religion

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enrique yañez
enrique yañez

I went to a catholic school and started to question my faith when iwas invited to a meal in the place were all priests lived. To see the wealth and opulence they lived in made me question churches purpose, and one thing lead to another so I'm an atheist in a country were 99% of people are blind believers.


What done it for me was 12 years ago when I read the bible straight though without skipping around or using any guides. Right away I started seeing contradiction after contradiction. Also the 4 main gospels of the new testament Matthew, Mark, Luke and John do not line up and flat out contradict each other. The book of Mark is also the most confusing book in the bible next to revelations, one reason is because their were at least 7-10 writers of the book of Mark.

Bethany Hanna
Bethany Hanna

I realized very early in life that the Bible is a translation of man, and is taught to us by man. Man is fallible, and therefore God will fill in the gaps for those who listen. My relationship with God is strong, regardless of what anyone else may think. The only opinions that matter, would be mine and of course God's.

If you really read the Bible, not just what you're told to read, it says way more about how God created homosexuals as a part of his plan.

Andrew Martin
Andrew Martin

The last story is 100% spot on.


Simply put, I was never indoctrinated
Since we're all born atheistic, and no one converted me while I was a vulnerable and uncritical child, I never started to believe in the first place


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