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  • Natural Remedies and the Art of Acupuncture
  • Given the fast pace times we live in, we have forgotten the power in the natural.
    Natural foods and products, natural pain relief and remedies.

    Look at our shopping habits.
    Food in their natural state
    Just don’t have the same appeal.

    Fruit and veg are not colourful enough.
    Natural fabric are not as attractive as manmade or mixed f…Read More

  • As the year draws to a close time to reflect!!!

    What do you see?
    What do you want to see?
    Do you see you or some one who resembles an idea of who you believe you ought to be?

    Are you happy or are you comfortable?
    Will you stay or will you go?
    Could I have done any thing differently?
    Had I given my best?

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Welcome to the 50/50.

A platform for males and females 50 or over.

Where we can discuss Health and well-being, The Menopause , Jobs and careers, Family and relationships, Anxiety and Depression.

No medical advice will be given but we will Share ideas and tips and recommendations and openly support through discussions.

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