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    • Did you miss me??

      Watch this space? 😃😃😃

      Next to follow views on
      Megan and Harry and The SPARE 🤔
      Life after COVID🙄
      Economic mayhem !!!!! 😳

    • The revolving door of number 10,

      What a extraordinary set of events that have taken place over the last few years..

      Yet again !!!! following the line of Silvertongue suitors. Another Leader 🫣
      Will he or won’t he deliver,
      only time will tell. 🤷‍♀️

      I can’t say I’m pleased or disappointed but what I do know is expectation leads to disap…View More

    • Extraordinary Queen Elizabeth II

      Today we experience a great sharing of love and loss as the world has almost stood still not from sickness or fear but to pay respects for Queen Elizabeth.

      She was
      probably the Most famous and most photographed person in the world.

      She was .
      Head of state and head of the church.
      Head of the commonwealth.
      The…View More

    • Our queen has died.May she rest in peace .😢😢😢😢

      I saw the Queen face to face when I was seven years old.
      I was a majorette and marched whiled twisting batons
      I had on a white T-shirt blue shorts and a pair of
      White Plimsolls (pumps)

      I was the second youngest in the parade right at the very front and I will never forget that Proud moment .

      The…View More

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