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How Christianity Adopted Pagan Practices and Holidays – The False Church Deception Exposed

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Joseph Valenciano
Joseph Valenciano

I could imagine former pagans that converted to Christianity trying to implement their pagan practices to worship their newly found God. Think about it, their was no official procedure of worship at the time, people had to do something to celebrate. They used what they had with them. There is no deception here at all nothing was even "Stolen".

Mary Kelly
Mary Kelly

Catholicism is NOT Christianity!!! Pagan worship and idolatry is Catholicism..True Born Again Christians…notice i said TRUE Born Again Christians worship no one but Christ…and follow His Holy Word…Catholicism is a man-made religion and not of Jesus Christ…thank you. And today..in English use the name Jesus Christ.

Teri June
Teri June

Please enable JavaScript play-rounded-fill &t=123s The Islamic Connection/Total Onslaught/Walter Veith Riveting video shows clear evidence that Roman Vatican created the Islamic Religion to get rid of Christians opposed to the rule by the Vatican. These Christians may have been the more authentic Christians which had directly come from Jesus disciples… The incredible facts in this video will stun you. For instance that Mohammeds wife had been a nun. The black dress of the nuns and the black dress of the women of Islam. The beads, the symbols and more things than can be named here make this a video I… Read more »


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