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Slavoj Zizek – Political Christianity

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Bb Cc
Bb Cc

No mention of where this Universal Holism equals revolutionary equality. Heck, in English, Equality isn't even a rational selling point for socialism, fairness would be, and it doesn't always result in equal relations.If Zizek went back to the earliest, anti-capital works of Christianity, like the "Didachi "Teachings of the Twelve Apostles" from the first century AD, he would see the earliest Christians, while scornful of wealth and open to a Diogenes like Cynic philosophy, didn't dismiss rank and social dictonomies. Two Christians could rightfully be slave and master, yet together in communion, and having to respect and contemplate the preachings… Read more »


Harmonious Society was under Hu Jintao

Jason Lowther
Jason Lowther

After much thought I think I have figured out what Zizek means when he talks about the good God died on the cross. A better way I think of putting it is the idea that the world is just or fair cannot be claimed by Christians of any strain who understand the crucifixion of Christ. Here is the perfect Human who did no moral wrong yet He is still Crucified, Murdered, and tortured to death. The same idea is put forth in the story of Job in which he is called blameless by God, yet even this man who is… Read more »


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